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Tricky Translations: ’80s Rock

Ten famous rock songs from the 1980s have been orally translated into a foreign language and back again. Can you identify the original titles and artists? To help you out, the songs are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Additional Succeeded Stings The Powder
  2. Approach Aboard Texture The Cacophony
  3. Tamper With Seem Valid
  4. Listen Watch Become Repeatedly
  5. Capital Because Of Diddly
  6. Duo One Cube Urban
  7. Skillet Any Mother
  8. Indigent Total Fructose My Treat
  9. The Last Tally Plumage
  10. Essential Late Paddle Vibrant

Edit: 6 and 7 were originally accidentally transposed. The song titles are now in correct alphabetical order.

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