Needle in a Haystack

Below is a “haystack” of ten words. Nine of the words in the haystack, if paired with one of three mystery words, will produce a common phrase or compound word. When you are finished, each mystery word will be paired with exactly three words from the haystack, leaving only one word unmatched. That one word is the “needle.” Can you find it?

  • business
  • closet
  • cord
  • lion
  • nap
  • salt
  • stock
  • super
  • tap
  • wild

Mystery Word #1:

Mystery Word #2:

Mystery Word #3:


Scroll down for the answers!
















Mystery Word #1: CARD: business card, card stock, wild card

Mystery Word #2: WATER: water closet, salt water, tap water

Mystery Word #3: POWER: power cord, power nap, superpower

Needle: lion


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