Cross Word Search

Find the words that fit the clues. The remaining letters will provide the answer to the riddle below.

B I D E S U F N 1 Famous mathematician
A A A C W N L C 2 Flunky
B A C S A L T A 3 Happened
B O O T L E S S 4 Low place
A E F E E T R S 5 Melted together
G O F E R R K A 6 Not rented
E E O O T A I V 7 Obscure
B E B N G C T A 8 Prokaryotic organisms
9 Prometheus’ brother
10 Smash hit
11 Syndicate
12 Tapioca source
13 Unsuccessful


How does Superman go camping?

Scroll down for the answers!

















  2. GOFER
  4. SWALE
  5. FUSED
  6. UNLET
  7. BEFOG
  9. ATLAS
  10. BOFFO
  11. CARTEL

How does Superman go camping?  In a Clark Tent!

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