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Find the words that fit the clues. The remaining letters will provide the answer to the riddle below.

D A P A C E A M 1 Begets
P T O S R T Y C 2 Fable writer
O Y S H C R L I 3 Follower
S L E S M A D T 4 God of the sea
E E I I E B L E 5 Maidens
A R D R R I O D 6 Northern
O O O E P O B I 7 Parboil
N B N S K A S E 8 Quickly
9 Splashed out, as milk
10 Tenth U.S. President
11 TMNT character
12 Type of memory
13 Way to go?


Who is Kylo Ren’s favorite country singer?

Scroll down for the answers!
















  1. SIRES
  2. AESOP
  7. SCALD
  8. APACE
  9. SPILT
  10. TYLER
  11. APRIL
  13. BOLDLY

Who is Kylo Ren’s favorite country singer? Darth Brooks!

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