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Plasma: a free addicting logic puzzle game, coming soon!

Plasma is the first of many addicting games designed for Android by Puzzle Monster. Its unique color logic puzzles are simple to learn, and challenging to master!

It’s the year 2027, and your self-driving flying Uber is on its way to pick you up. This is the game you’ll be playing while you wait.

Futuristic and retro, intense and yet still chilled, Plasma will expand your mind and divert your full attention. It’s simple: fill a grid with colorful Plasma spheres. Each Plasma may affect its neighbors, making them change color or even disappear. Match the model and win the game!

Train your brain with these addicting games and stay mentally fit with hundreds of hours of unique challenges while on the bus, waiting in line, at school or on a coffee break… or waiting for that flying ride.

  • Over 100 free logic puzzles to keep your mind busy for hours
  • When you upgrade, get hundreds more premium puzzles with a single in-app purchase
  • No clock, no pressure: pause game and resume at any time
  • Play offline – great for those long subway rides
  • Beautiful graphics with portrait or landscape play – a treat for your eyes as well as your brain
  • Easy-to-use controls let you play with just one hand
  • Mute sounds so you can keep playing during that board meeting
  • A restful break from a hectic day!

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I’m independent puzzle inventor Eric Shamblen. My wife Friday and I are developing Plasma for release on Android phones and tablets and Google Chromebooks.  Plasma is based on Rainbow Box, an original online color logic puzzle game that I had created in the mid-2000s. While both games use the simple mechanics of color theory on a four-by-four playing grid, Plasma has added three additional levels of addicting game play for a variety of challenges to suit your mood and abilities. It also features amazingly beautiful graphics and scoring so you can compete against your friends and other players around the globe.

Logic puzzles
Rainbow Box, circa 2014
Addicting games

Each of Plasma’s 1000 puzzles is unique and was designed using artificial intelligence to provide progressively more difficult challenges. The Basic Level fills in most of the grid for you; the Advanced level fills in less; the Clean Slate level presents you with a completely empty grid. The Diabolical level, as its name implies, will stretch your brain by presenting you with a partially-filled grid where some (or many!) of the Plasmas are completely wrong, and must be cleared out and replaced in order to win the game. Even I have only been able to solve a small fraction of the Diabolical level logic puzzles – are you up for the challenge?

About Eric

The puzzlemonster. Lifelong puzzle maker, animal lover, total nerd. Husband to Android developer.