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Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles were first made by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson – also known as Lewis Carroll. (Carroll was the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.)

Carroll also wrote the definitive logic puzzle book –  The Game of Logic. In his book, Carroll gave readers a list of premises and asked you to deduce the solution. The puzzles became more complex as the list of premises increased.

You can see Carroll’s influence in our puzzles. Eric, our puzzlemonster, writes these original puzzles by hand, every day. For years, he sent them to a super-secret list of puzzleheads. Now, we share his logic puzzles and other puzzles on for you to enjoy!

Some are hard to solve, some are easy to solve. All of them are printable puzzles – so you can print and share with friends, kids (middle school kids especially love these!) and even co-workers.

Have fun with these unique logic puzzles! You can always sign up for the daily mailing list by signing up on the sidebar or at the foot of any puzzle.

And if you are liking these free logic puzzles – give our new logic puzzle game for Android a go. Free brain games for adults and kids alike!

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