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Wrong! 20 Questions With Answers You Only Thought You KnewWrong 20 Questions

Be the smartest person in the room!


  Ultimate Classic Rock Quiz    

The Ultimate Classic Rock Quiz Book Vol. 2Ultimate Classic Rock Quiz

Over 130 more interactive questions!


  Ultimate Classic Rock Quiz    

The Ultimate Classic Rock Quiz Book Vol. 1Ultimate Classic Rock Quiz

Over 130 interactive questions!


  Chained Melodies    

Chained Melodies:
Music Trivia Puzzles

Rock and pop music challenges!


  Trivia Night    

Trivia Night:
How to host your own trivia party

4 complete games and tips from a pro!


  Double Features    

Double Features:
Puzzles for Movie Lovers

Movie trivia themed puzzles!


  My Aunt Sally    

My Aunt Sally:
and other puzzles

Enjoy original puzzles for ages 12 and up!


  Spot the Alien    

Spot the Alien:
Challenging Logic Puzzles

Use logic to find the alien invaders!



Daily Puzzles

The puzzles below are refreshed every day!
Another game you might enjoy playing is the Cleopatra Slots game, available on Posh Bingo's website.

Check out these challenges for Saturday, April 19, 2014:

Word Ladder
Updated daily!
Repair the ladder!
1 puzzle

Chain Gang
Updated daily!
Recapture four dangerous words!
1 puzzle

Celebrity Justice
Updated daily!
Lock up celebrity criminals!
1 puzzle

Classic Rock Blocks
Updated daily!
Reassemble classic rock titles!
1 puzzle

Updated daily!
Match three in a row!
1 puzzle

Prancing Ponies
Updated daily!
Make the ponies prance!
1 puzzle

The Big E
Updated daily!
A letter substitution puzzle!
1 puzzle

The Spider Diner
Updated daily!
Deduce today's special!
1 puzzle

Buried Treasure
Updated daily!
Use logic to find the pirate's booty!
1 puzzle

The Transfigurator
Updated daily!
Test your logic and observation skills!
1 puzzle

Rainbow Box
Updated daily!
A colorful challenge!
1 puzzle

Wake Up
Updated daily!
A nightmarish labyrinth!
1 puzzle

Pop Quiz
Updated daily!
Questions from the dark recesses of pop culture!
1 puzzle

Daily Cryptoscope
Updated daily!
Decipher your free daily horoscope!
1 puzzle

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We hope you enjoy!

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