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How We Use Google Firebase in Our Game: Customized Twitter Collections

We’re getting ready to launch our first game, Plasma, to our group of alpha testers, and I wanted to share with you one of the ways we use Google Firebase Remote Config (love), Google Analytics, Google Play, Google In App Billing, and Twitter collections. It may sound complex, but really, it’s all simple and quite powerful. Like other apps, we have an “About” menu with items like acknowledgements and contact info. But unlike many, we have included Tweets. Specifically, a collection of Tweets. And even more specifically, a collection of Tweets, customized for groups of players. Here’s how we do it: 1) Using TweetDeck, we create collections for different groups. For instance, we have a collection of tweets for players who have upgraded to advanced levels using Google InApp Purchasing and are Google Play players. 2) Then, in the Google Firebase Remote Config console, we use Google Analytics user properties to set a condition. ... Read More »

Sad Day to Start a Developer’s Diary

It’s a sad day to start a developer’s diary. I feel like the next sentence after that should start with a “however” or “but” – what do you say after folk were mowed down, by what can only be a madman? I promised myself that today, Monday Oct 2 2017, would see me getting over my shyness and starting a developer’s diary as it pertained to our project. And so, here it goes. There is no way you would know this, the two of you who might be reading this today, but Eric — the guy behind all the puzzles over all the years of Puzzlemonster — is scheduled to go to a nerdy computing conference next week at the same place this real monster stayed at in Vegas. Eric and I just celebrated 15 years of marriage. He’s the love of my life and so fucking brilliant — the ... Read More »

Plasma: a free addicting logic puzzle game, coming soon!

Plasma puzzle game for Android

Plasma is the first of many addicting games designed for Android by Puzzle Monster. Its unique color logic puzzles are simple to learn, and challenging to master! Register to be notified when Plasma launches in the Google Play store! It’s the year 2027, and your self-driving flying Uber is on its way to pick you up. This is the game you’ll be playing while you wait. Read More »