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We are always working on new apps – Plasma is our first one. If you would like to be on our testers list and get a free game forever, just fill out this form and we will be in touch! Read More »

Plasma: a free addicting logic puzzle game, coming soon!

Plasma puzzle game for Android

Plasma is the first of many addicting games designed for Android by Puzzle Monster. Its unique color logic puzzles are simple to learn, and challenging to master! Register to be notified when Plasma launches in the Google Play store! Imagine it’s the year 2100, and your self-driving flying Uber is on its way to pick you up. This is the game you’ll be playing while you wait. Futuristic and retro, colorful and yet still chilled, Plasma will expand your mind and divert your full attention. Fill a grid with colorful Plasma spheres – each Plasma may affect its neighbors, making them change color or even disappear. Match the model and win the game! Train your brain with these addicting games and stay mentally fit with hundreds of hours of unique challenges while on the bus, waiting in line, at school or on a coffee break… or waiting for that flying ... Read More »