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Photo Puzzles for Kids: Ideas for Keeping Kids’ Minds Busy

Photo Puzzles for Kids

A photo puzzle can be a great way to stimulate, educate, and entertain kids during summer break. With so much time off from school, it can be hard to find new activities that will help children learn as well as keep them engaged and busy. Finding photo puzzles for kids is easy and offers a fun alternative to other games. Why Photo Puzzles? Photo puzzles are a good choice for summer fun and learning because they are widely available in stores at inexpensive prices, but they can also be customized to suit your needs. In addition, puzzles are often conveniently rated by difficulty and age level. These puzzles allow kids to learn new information and practice their problem-solving skills in a relaxed environment. Some children might do best when competing with others, while some may be better off completing the puzzle on their own. In this way, puzzles are ideal ... Read More »

Adopt-a-Pet Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Pet Puzzles

Create custom online jigsaw puzzles featuring adoptable pets in your area! Just use the search box on the right-hand side to find adoptable pets in your zip code. Select a pet picture by clicking on it. Your puzzle will load below. Share these puzzles with your friends and help these dogs, cats, and other pets find their forever homes! How to play: Click on any jigsaw puzzle square and drag it. When all squares are in their correct position, you’ll have a completed picture of a lovable animal! About Adopt-A-Pet Online Jigsaw Puzzles Our online jigsaw puzzles are created from up-to-date adoption information and photos of animals that are available from across the United States. We get this information via Petfinder, an online database of nearly 14,000 animal shelters and adoption agencies. Our search lets you filter by location and type of animal. For a more detailed search, including breed, ... Read More »

Rainbow Box – Visual Puzzle Game

Rainbow Box

Visual Puzzle Game Looking for a unique, colorful challenge? In this visual puzzle game, you can enhance your brain fitness by reproducing the pattern of colors in the Rainbow Box on the left to the empty Rainbow Box on the right. Each new visual puzzle game tests your logic skills and ability to plan ahead. To play: 1. Click on the blue, red or green box in the top right corner of the screen below to select that color. 2. Click on any empty square to add the selected color. 3. If there is a color already in an adjacent square, that square may be affected by the color you add. You can use the color chart in the top left corner as a handy reference. Read More »

What’s My Number? Brain Puzzles for Kids

Math Puzzles for Kids

Brain Puzzles for Kids Hey kids! Want to challenge your brain with some fun math puzzles? In each of the puzzles below, I am thinking of a whole number between 1 and 20. All you have to do is follow the clues and tell me what number I’m thinking of. Sound simple? It is, but these puzzles will test your knowledge of primes, factors, remainders, geometry, basic logic, quadratic equations and more. Even adults will find these challenging! So put on your thinking cap and have fun! A review of some math and logic concepts: Either A or B: Either A is true, B is true, or both A and B are true. Factor: a number that divides into another number with no remainder. Hypotenuse: the longest side of a right triangle. If A then B: If A is true, then B is true. This means that if B is ... Read More »

Mathematician’s Casino – Casino Games

Casino Games

Casino Games While visiting Las Vegas, you wander into the Mathematicians’ Casino. It’s a little unusual; to win the big money at these casino games, instead of gambling with Lady Luck you use your math skills to make winning a certainty. There is a variety of games. Some are similar to ones you’d find at a regular casino, while others are completely unique. Do you have what it takes to break the bank? Math skills and gambling go hand in hand, from the probability of cards in a blackjack hand to the odds of a roulette table. This site is a useful resource containing some interesting tips and strategy articles for people looking to take their gambling from a matter of chance to a matter of certainty. Read More »



Wordles Wordles (also called “dingbats”) are fun word riddles for both kids and adults. The combination, position and orientation of words, letters and symbols can be deciphered to reveal well-known sayings and proverbs. For example, the answer to the wordle to the right is “I understand.” We’ve collected some of our favorites here. You’ll find classics as well as some originals you’ve never seen before. Can you solve the wordles below? How to play: 1. Select a wordle set 2. Type your answers in the boxes shown 3. Click “See Your Score!” Did you know: Although this type of puzzle has been around for a long time, “wordle” was first trademarked in 1997 in the class of board games and greeting cards. These puzzles relied more on images and visual cues than the arrangement of words and letters. In 1980, a series of similar puzzles called “Whatzit?” were published in ... Read More »

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